Quality Recording Solutions Give You Very Best Recommends On Telephone Recorders In Montgomery, AL

Our mission here at Quality Recording Solutions is to offer a safer community for all and to help support public safety specialists. We wish to achieve all these through individualized and friendly services. All of these can be feasible through our up to date, reliable and affordable voice and data recording samples for all the public safety and support businesses found at the Southeast.

We've got a range of experience in dealing and serving 911 centers, fire stations, police stations, government facilities, hospitals, financial institutions and more so we unquestionably have the best equipment to take care of and provide the requirements of companies in Jacksonville, FL.

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The History And Culture Of The company

Quality Recording Solutions was first established in Roswell, Georgia in the year 2000. The business preserved its values over the years and their determination to the difficult work and work balance of their employees.

For all these years, the organization has flourished because of these values. We understand the nurturing a fulfilled and happy team of professionals can bring better quality service and customer relations. We've got over 4 decades of experience in this industry and our team members are beloved and trusted leaders in the public safety community in the Southeast. The telecommunicators, officials and responders know many things about us.

The value of the corporation starts on the culture and personal relationships with the customers. We will offer unparalleled technical and personalized customer service while we provide what we do. We have always kept our growth focused and deliberate and we're always focusing on quality above all else.

We have been providing a stellar product line in the Eventide Recording Equipment. We are providing solutions for your analog, digital, T1, PRI, ISDN, VoIP, RoIP and several specialized integration. QRS also supports legacy Eventide products like Evolite, Marathon Pro, VR320, VR725, VR778, DIR911 and VR616, Marathon Advanced Systems, ASC recorders like the Evolutions and the Eyretel E500 and E1000. We could also offer support and parts for longer than 7 years.

You can take a look at our website to learn more about us, our product and the services that we offer. We could also enjoy giving back to the people that we serve by working with and supporting conference events for the local chapters of APCO and NENA. We always celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week by praising the dispatchers through special gifts and contributions to festivities at customer sites.

Service Location

We are currently giving services to different businesses situated in Georgia and Alabama and we are continuously expanding towards Florida, Tennessee and Mississippi. We're unquestionably excited to offer great quality products and services to the Southeast.

The Key Members of The Team

John LoSchiavo

John is the Founder and President of Quality Recording Solutions and he has more than 35 years of combined experience in sales, leadership and industry. John actually became a Director of Government Sales at Eyretel Inc., Sales Manager for Harris/3M and Director of Sales at CSI in Memphis before he established QRS. He was a member of APCO and NENA and he became the president of Roswell High School Foundation and the Bradshaw Men's Golf Association. John loves to play golf and he plays well. He got a golf scholarship at Augusta State University and won the Augusta City Amateur Championship in 1983.

With all the talents, experiences and interests that John has, he is an excellent leader indeed. He brought lots of things on the table that may encourage his team members.

The favorite piece of assistance that John always says is: take care of your consumers or someone else will!

Alex Spencer

As the Regional Vice President of Quality Recording Solutions, Alex handles every customer experience from the initial planning and make surveys to installation and training.

He is always devoted to meet the needs of every customer to the best of his ability and he handles our team to ensure that they could implement everything properly. Alex is also referred to as an Alabama APCO Chapter Commercial Advisory Member, Georgian NENA 1st VP and also as Georgia Emergency Communications Conference Co-Chair.

The philosophy of Alex is to always be a student so he can learn more about the requirements of the customers and provide them with the best services and products.

Mark Maier

Mark is a fearless Service Manager and he is also known as the backbone of the business. He was a multi-tasker and he always guarantees that our technology is always running propelrty and up-to-date.

He already has 15 years of experience with regards to the installation and servicing phone, voicemail and automatic call distribution systems. He also worked in the communications unit of the Air Force National Guard. He is trusted and he is very inspired in the work he was in as he already sees that a playback might help someone else.

Our Products:


Do you want to find a recording solution that is easy to use, secure and reliable? You do not have to look elsewhere because the Eventide recording solution is what you're searching for!

These recorders are really simple to use with the aid of the MediaWorks software and it's going to be accessible on the internet or your desktop application, which will make the Eventide recorder more accessible.

MediaWorks can hold integrative searching and browsing, audio playback, live monitoring, system maintenance, numerous file exporting options, data graphing and reporting, assurance call evaluating and many more. Eventide is also improving its software regularly to meet the needs of the buyers and we're QRS will keep your system up-to-date.

To find out more about MediaWorks, you can always read it on the MediaWorks tab to learn about the capabilities of this software. You may contact us if you want to set up a live demo of the product and we're going to show you how we can suit your needs.

Eventide - Latest Hardware Offerings

The NexLog recorders will be able to support a standards-compliant NG911 event logging web service that can enable other NG911 subsystems to deposit and obtain data like call routing logs and geo-location. This will enable other NG911 subsystems to acquire a recorded media incident through RTSP.


Regular Features:

- 1TB RAID1 Hard Drives

- Dual Hot Swappable Power Supplies

- Reports

- Expansion up to 540 channels (240 hard wired) in a single server

- System Alerts

- Capable of recording Analog, Digital, VoIP, RoIP, and Screen recording with in a single server solution


Normal Features:

- 1TB RAID1 Hard Drives

- Dual Hot Swappable Power Supplies

- Reports

- Expansion up to 540 channels (240 hard wired) in a single server

- System Alerts

- Capable of recording Analog, Digital, VoIP, RoIP, and Screen recording with in a single server solution


What is MediaWorks?

MediaWorks is actually the software that could hook you up to your NexLog Recorder. You will be able to access it using your web browser and in your secure network or through the desktop application that was actually downloaded in the computers.

What is the capability of MediaWorks?

Eventide MediaWorks will enable you to search, replay, export, burn to CD/DVD/Blu-ray, reconstruct incidents and more.

MediaWorks PLUS software can enable you to make call browsing and replay swiftly and this will include an install recall mode, advanced incident recording management features, two-dimensional graphical timeline view, spoken time and date announcements, simultaneous multi-channel replay and much more.

MediaWorks PLUS software will even allow you to organize groups of connected calls to saved incidents. Every incident can then be managed on a committed tab together with its very own graphical timeline view. This can enable you to manage different incidents in one screen.

Once additional calls are located, they'll be copied through an existing incident and enable you to build-up a complete set of related media or calls. To make certain that it is going to be easier, incidents can always be remotely saved on the source Call logger.

The key features include: Geo-Location and Geo-Fencing Capabilities, Graphical TimeLine View, Flexible Export & Email, Screen Replay, Multiple-Channel Live Monitoring, Waveform Displays, Voice Annotation, Evaluate Calls with Quality Factor, Call Notes, Desktop and Mobile Access, Powerful Search Tools, Incident Recording Management, Instant Recall, Text Message Replay, Secure User Access to Recordings, Audio Redaction, Talking Date and time and Text Annotation.




Right here at Quality Recording Solutions, we are always devoted to the items that we supply and also your personal experience as buyers. It's important to satisfy our clientele and we're going to do our best to do everything to make sure that you'll be pleased and your units could be installed. We have skilled field engineers that takes pride in their speedy service and product installation in Rome, GA.

The service department will absolutely be prepared to take care of the system along with the professional expertise that our team has to provide. By installing new wiring as well as repairing existing installations, our team can collaborate with you to be sure that you'll be equipped with a specialist system.


Quality Recording Solutions will provide multiple service agreements in Montgomery, AL to suit the needs of the agency. Our offerings will typically fall into 3 groups, but we can offer custom maintenance plans that can fit the requirements of the clients.


The regular agreement would actually cover the service and also the full access to our help during during business hours only from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. During these days or hours, the parts and labor are already included and you can also expect software updates and 24/7 remote monitoring and the service can be charged outside of the company hours.


This kind of service agreement will cover remote support and also offers access to the help desk. There will also be software updates and remote monitoring. With this type of plan, a service charge will be incurred for on-site service and the customer will pay money for the parts.


The premium service agreement is actually a full extension of the 1st year warranty, which would show that it is going to cover all the service and provide full access to the help desk 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Software improvements will unquestionably be accessible and 24/7 monitoring. You will not have to think about the parts and labor since they are included.


Quality Recording Solutions will be able to give complimentary web training throughout the warranty period to make sure that your team could have the knowledge to use the software. We are going to want you to enjoy the experience with the merchandise so we are going to do everything to make sure that you will be confident when you're using the tools. We are going to also be sure that we can provide on-site training at enough time of installation and provide web-training on the first-year warranty and while it's under service contract.

Throughout the sessions, you and the team can be guided step by step on the features of the software. Our goal is to help you learn everything that you should discover more about the features of the product that you availed.

Service For Legacy Products

These are the discontinued or legacy products that we support:

- Eyretel E500

- Eyretel E1000

- ASC Pro

- ASC Advanced

- ASC Compact

- Eventide VR240

- Eventide VR320

- Eventide VR725

- Eventide VR778

- Eventide VR615

- Eventide DIR911 and DIR911t

- RevCord

Quality Recording Solutions can continue to give the services required for legacy Eyretel (Lanier), ASC, Revcord and Eventide product lines. We always do this to maintain the performance of the voice logger as technology ages. We also provide reconditioned systems which are refurbished to the main performance specifications. To understand more about this, call us at this time.