Mobile Co ECD

QRS was selected to implement the NG911 recording solution for Mobile Co ECD. Mutliple Eventide NexLog740s and Patton gateways was installed by QRS to handle the radio and phone recording needs of the 911 center and the 10 secondary dispatch centers. The Eventide recorder is fully integrated to the 911 center’s P25 Harris radio system which gives them the ability to search by Talkgroups, Radio IDs, and more. All 10 secondary sites are bridged into the primary site recorder so they can all share the benefits of the Harris P25 radio intergation. 

Tallapoosa County 911

Quality Recoding Solutions upgraded the three Eventide VR725s in Tallapoosa County to Eventide NexLog740’s to help get Tallapoosa County prepared for recording Next Generation 911 calls. Anita, with Tallapoosa County 911, upgraded the recorders at the Sheriff's Office, Alexander City PD, and Tallassee PD to prepare the PSAPs for Next Generation 911. All three systems have the capabilities to record interim text-to-911 via TTY/TTD delivery.

Calhoun County 911

When emergencies happen, they don't have to worry about the recorder going down because they are using an Eventide NexLog740DX which has total redundancy. Their logger is equipped with Dual hot swap power supplies, 6TB HotSwap RAID1 hard drives and multiple playback positions. In addition to the recorder at their main PSAP, they also have an Eventide NexLog740DX at their backup PSAP.

Birmingham 911

Birmingham 911 purchased a new Eventide recording system off of the GSA contract to replace their existing Nice recording system. After reviewing all their options, they decided to go with Quality Recording Solutions and the Eventide NexLog740. The NexLog740 is equipped with the ability to record over 200 channels. The recorder is fully integrated to their Motorola ASTRO P25 radio system via the AIS and Viper phone system. They purchased a second recorder a year after the first recorder was installed so they could have a fully redundant recording solution. 

Lee County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Jones and his staff have relied on Quality Recording Solutions to handle all of their recording needs since 2006. They started off with the capabilities to only record 24 analog channels and have added channels to the recorder to record analog, digital and VoIP inputs as their needs changed during the life of the system.


Georgia State Patrol

Quality Recording installed Eventide recorders at thier 9 dispatch centers throughout the state. The recorders are monitored by QRS 24/7 to ensure minimal to no downtime.

Cobb Co 911

One of the largest metro Atlanta counties, Cobb Co 911 selected QRS to replace their Nice recording system. The solution includes two fully redundant Eventide recorders at their Primary and Backup dispatch centers. They have integrations to Viper, Motorola P25 radio, PriemierOne CAD, Rapid SOS, and more. The solution also includes two dedicated screen recording servers so they can see what was happening on the CAD screen while listening to the calls and radio transmissions.

Habersham County 911

Located in the Northeast Georgia, Habersham County 911 needed a recording solution that would be able to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When an emergency occurs in the mountains, the dispatchers use the recorder and instant recall software to make sure they have not missed any important information from the caller. Originally the system was configured to record analog inputs. A few years later, the 911 center changed their radio system to an IP based system and QRS was able to reconfigure the recorder to be able to record the IP radios.

Georgia State University PD

The campus police department recently upgraded their recording system to an Eventide NexLog740. The dispatch center records all the calls and radio traffic for all of the campus locations. They record all communications to ensure that all their students remain safe on campus while furthering their education.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (TBI Airport Management)

TBI has a 24 channel Eventide VR725 which they use to record the radio and telephone traffic to ensure the safety of the patrons and personnel at the airport. Quality Recording Solutions maintains the recorder to ensure that it is running at the optimum level.

Gold Cross EMS

Gold Cross has been an Eventide user and customer of QRS for many years. They started with the Eventide VR320 which they upgraded to the VR725 in 2007. In 2014, they upgraded to the NexLog740 which we integrated to the Telex Consoles to provide IP feeds for radio recording. In addition to the recording of their digital phone system


SECO Energy

SECO upgraded their legacy Eventide recording system to the Eventide DX series in 2021. The Eventide is a perfect match for their needs, providing reliability and ease of use. The recorder is integrated with their DMR radio system and CISCO phones. With total redundancy of all critical components and a redundant recorder at their secondary site, SECO does not have to worry about losing any recordings.

Monitcello Police Department

The Police Dept. has been a satisfied QRS customer for over 10 ears. They went from an Eyretel E500, to a Revcord CYA and now have an Eventide VR725. The recorders have changed in that 10 years, but they always rely on QRS to take care of their recording needs with the best solutions on the market.

Florida State University Police Dept.

FSU selected QRS and the Eventide EXP to address their recording needs. The EXP is configured to record 8 phone and radio inputs. The Eventide solution provides them the flexibility to add analog and VoIP/RoIP inputs as their recording needs change.

Naples Police Dept.

QRS installed two fully redundant Eventide DX recorders at Naples PD. The recorders are integrated with the Harris P25 radio system and VESTA 911 phone system.  QRS monitors both system 24/7 to ensure they are always running at the optimum levels.