Kennedy Space Center

KSC has been using the Eventide recording solution since 2006. The Eventide VR778 was a perfect match for the needs and they have recently upgraded it to the NexLog740. With total redundancy of all critical components, KSC does not have to worry about their system going down.

Monticello Police Department

The Police Dept. has been a satisfied QRS customer for over 10 years. They went from an Eyretel E500, to a Revcord CYA and now have an Eventide VR725. The recorders have changed in that 10 years, but they always rely on QRS to take care of their recording needs with the best solutions on the market.

Florida State University Police Dept.

FSU selected QRS and the Revcord MCS recorder in 2015 to address their recording needs. The MCS is configured to record 8 phone and radio inputs, but the university has plans to increase that number as some point in the future. The Revcord solution provides them the flexibility to add analog, digital, and VoIP/RoIP inputs as their recording needs change.