Eventide VR725

Eventide VR725Standard Features

  • 250GB RAID1 Storage- Expandable to 1.5TB RAID5
  • Optional Hot Swappable RAID Configurations
  • Embedded Linux O/S
  • Dual DVD
  • Up to 96 Hardwired Channels + VoIP
  • Supports- Analog, Digital, T1/E1/PRI, VoIP, and RoIP
  • Simultaneous system accesses via Network PC’s
  • Mark and annotate calls
  • Adjust settings on per channel basis
  • Dual Hot Swap Power Supplies
  • Optional Touch Screen Front Panel
  • 3U- Ready to be rack mounted
  • Fault Tolerant Redundant Components

Eventide offers easy to use and feature rich remote clients for use with the VR725. The remote clients give the end user the ability to search and playback, create CD's, live monitor, instantly recall calls, perform maintenance, asses and grade employees and much more. All these features and functions can be accomplished on a network attached PC in the comfort of your office.

Remote Clients:

  • MediaWorks
  • MediaAgent
  • MediaCoach
  • Recorder Configuration
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