Eyretel E1000 and E500


Eyretel E1000 and E500 systems, as well as the Lanier LDL 848 and LDL 416, are prolific in call receiving environments throughout the nation. These systems have provided the backbone for voice and data recording throughout the past decade.

  • Eyretel  E1000 and Lanier LDL 848 are usually dual DAT tape systems with channel configurations of 8 to 48 channels.  
  • Eyretel E500 and Lanier LDL 416 are single DAT tape systems with channel configurations of 4 to 16 channels.

Quality Recording Solutions continues to service the discontinued Eyretel/Lanier recording systems. We offer service contracts to keep your recorder performing excellently as the technology ages. We also sell reconditioned systems that have been refurbished to the original performance specifications for those who do not have the budget to purchase a new system.

Please contact us for more information regarding service or sales of Eyretel/Lanier loggers.

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