Marathon Pro


Advanced Architecture
MARATHON PRO was designed to handle high volume professional environments that require a reliable and secure system. Its industry-leading, open architecture provides flexibility that can accommodate future growth and expansion. Each recorder can support from 8 to 128 channels with the ability to network thousands channels. MARATHON PRO can be integrated into almost every user’s network, supporting the protocols TCP/IP, IPX, and NET BIOS based on Token Ring or Ethernet.
Optimum Storage Design
MARATHON can be configured with state of the art storage technology, to suit the various requirements of your application. The unique Media Storage Tray, with it’s dedicated cooling system, accommodates larger drive sizes without concern for system failure due to excessive heat build-up. This design provides additional redundancy, where it is needed most, plus extended recording time. Three DDS-4-DAT drives provide 10,000 channel-hours of unattended recording. If higher capacity is needed, the MARATHON PRO can be connected to a tape library for virtually unlimited storage capacity.

Fault Tolerant Design
MARATHON PRO is the perfect choice for mission critical environments. Key components such as power supplies, disc drives, SCSI controller, and archive drives can all be redundant. If further redundancy is required, the intelligent switchover to a Hot-Standby- MARATHON is the ideal solution. This will provide seamless recording, even in the unlikely event of a total system failure.
Versatile Search
Calls can be searched by: start time, date, telephone number, channel number, call duration, user-ID, marking, group and text comments. In combination with a CTI server, additional search criteria such as user name, log-on ID, and call direction are available.
ASC Call Manager
For quick retrieval of archived recordings, MARATHON tracks and administers up to 10,000 DAT-cassettes, MOD or DVD discs. For easy retrieval of calls, every archive medium is automatically marked with a system ID and media number. After entering your search criteria, the corresponding media number is displayed, thereby greatly reducing search time.
Quality Recording Solutions continues to service the discontinued ASC Marathon Series. We also sell refurbished ASC systems that have been restored to the original specifications for those companies who do not have the budget to purchase a new system but would still like some innovative features and functions

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