Eventide VR320 and VR240


The Eventide VR320 and VR240 Audio Logging Recorders are an enormous technological advance over the old technology reel-to-reel loggers. The VR320 is more efficient and more convenient in almost every way. It uses less media, less electricity, and less space, yet it provides better quality and more features than previously possible.

All of these improvements are made possible by the digital technology employed in the VR320 and VR240. Instead of recording an analog signal on physically cumbersome tapes, the VR320/240 convert all of its inputs to digital form and records them on DVD-RAM disks. These media have a long shelf life and each can hold up to 1,400 channel-hours of audio or more. The digital format also allows additional information to be stored, such as time codes and channel content information.

Despite its advanced features, the VR320/240 Audio Logging Recorders was designed for simple operation. In addition to the digital liquid crystal display (LCD), there is a set of buttons directly under the media transport mechanism. These transport control keys emulate the familiar controls of an ordinary tape recorder. The buttons under the LCD labeled F1 through F4 access a set of “menus” which control some of the more advanced features of the unit. These buttons are soft keys whose functions vary as you go through the different menus. Next to and under the soft keys are function keys, which allow one-button access and/or control of the VR320. Finally, there is the
keypad which facilitates the entry of parameters and a password. The transport control keys, soft keys, function keys, and keypad are illuminated when active.

The VR320 and VR240 are convenient and reliable to use, both for recording and for retrieving recordings once made. We hope you will enjoy using it.

Quality Recording Solutions continues to service the discontinued VR320 and VR240. We also sell refurbished systems that have been restored to the original specifications for those companies who do not have the budget to purchase a new system but would still like some innovative features and functions.

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