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Ozark Dale County E-911- QRS was selected to implement the NG911 recording solution for Ozark Dale Co E-911. An Eventide NexLog740 was installed by QRS to handle the radio and phone recording needs of the 911 center. The Eventide recorder is fully integrated to the 911 center’s P25 Harris radio system which gives them the ability to search by Talkgroups, Radio IDs, and more.

Tallapoosa County 911- Quality Recoding Solutions upgraded the three Eventide VR725s in Tallapoosa County to Eventide NexLog740’s to help get Tallapoosa County prepared for recording Next Generation 911 calls. Anita, with Tallapoosa County 911, upgraded the recorders at the Sheriff's Office, Alexander City PD, and Tallassee PD to prepare the PSAPs for Next Generation 911. All three systems have the capabilities to record interim text-to-911 via TTY/TTD delivery.

Calhoun County 911 - When emergencies happen, they don't have to worry about the recorder going down because they are using an Eventide NexLog740 which has total redundancy. Their logger is equipped with Dual DVD drives, Dual hot swap power supplies, 1TB HotSwap RAID1 hard drives and multiple playback positions. In addition to the recorder at their main PSAP, they also have an Eventide NexLog740 at their backup PSAP.

Gadsden Police Dept. – The Police Dept. went out to bid in 2014 for a new recording system to replace their dated Nice recording system. After reviewing the bid responses the center decide to go with Quality Recording Solutions and the Eventide NexLog740. The NexLog740 is equipped with the ability to record 56 channels, Hot Swappable Hard Drives and Hot Swappable Power Supplies. The recorder is also fully integrated to their Motorola ASTRO P25 radio system via the AIS.

EBSCO (Subscription Services)- EBSCO upgraded their Eventide VR725 that was purchased in 2007 to an ASC recording solution that is able to integrate to their Cisco VoIP phone system. The recording solution is also PCI compliant and meets the strict standards set by the credit card payment industry. EBSCO’s quality assurance software suite that was purchased with their old recording solution is compatible with their new recording solution so they can continue to grade and assess their employee’s performance.

Lee County Sheriff's Office- Sheriff Jones and his staff have relied on Quality Recording Solutions to handle all of their recording needs since 2006. They started off with the capabilities to record 24 analog channels. They now have a single recorder configured to record analog, digital and VoIP inputs.

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